The words 'Oh the Ways You'll Grow' over a field of sunflowers under a sunny sky.

Keynote Speaker

Lance Miller, DTM
World Champion of Public Speaking 2005, Toastmasters

Lance Miller is the winner of 2005 World Championship of Public Speaking and trainer.

Graduated from Michigan State University with a Degree in Food Systems, Economics and Management, Lance has an extensive background in business.

When he is on stage or behind a podium, he brings his distinctive talent and views on life that has shaped his philosophy and understanding of the world. His unique perspective is that of someone who has lived life.

He has sat atop 14,000 ft. peaks, hitchhiked through Europe, and scuba dived under frozen lakes in the middle of winter. He has rafted some of the roughest whitewater in the US, sailed across the Atlantic from the Virgin Islands to Norway, and piloted his own aircraft for hundreds of hours. Apart from all these adventures, Lance is also a philanthropist who has worked in numerous humanitarian causes around the world.

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