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Education Sessions

You may find it difficult to decide WHO you most desire to see and WHICH session will deliver greatest value for your life. I predict that we’ve created a good problem to have.

Renee Jacobs Education Chair

The Education Selection Committee is proud to deliver a terrific lineup of experienced speakers, great content, and life changing experiences.

9 AM Education Sessions

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7 Steps to Sparkle Jamie MacDonald


Maximized Mentoring Darryle Brown

Personal Dev

One Big Day Bruce Grierson

10 AM Education Sessions

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The Power of Saying Yes Vanessa Woznow


Using Story in Leadership Bryson Sask and Janet Law

Personal Dev

Small Steps Big Life Nathen Aswell

7 Steps to Sparkle: Preparing for Your Next Stage
Jamie MacDonald

Are you ready to go to the next stage? Your next stage of effective speaking? Preparation is paramount to success.

"It is not the will to win that makes a difference - everyone has that. It is the will to prepare to win that makes a difference".
Coach "Bear" Bryant

The secret to your skill development is to speak and speak and speak. But the average Toastmaster presents 2 speeches a year. How can we overcome this stumbling block and speak more frequently. No matter your level of experience, it is time to grow, time to prepare for your next presentation, and your next stage. 


90% of speaking success is preparation. Consider 7 steps of preparation together and then experience an immediate step forward toward achieving your goals.

About Jamie MacDonald, DTM

Jamie is well known to District 96 Toastmasters, a 15 year member who has competed in many contests over the years. As a Division Director he visited Divisions throughout British Columbia bringing positive training and messages to all areas of the province. Jamie leads "Maximum Impact" a consulting, training and professional development organization.

Jamie is a two-time BC champion for Toastmasters International earning the right to represent BC at the “World Championship of Public Speaking.” He was a finalist in the World Championship of Public Speaking in 2010.

Maximized Mentoring: Developing a Top Notch Mentoring Program
Darryle Brown

An excellent mentoring program makes the difference in empowering informed, faithful team members with a defined purpose and understanding.

Mentoring enables every team member to achieve their personal best in a highly supportive culture.


Lean how to enable teams to successfully develop a mentoring program which empowers members to strengthen relational bonds, enhance cohesiveness, and promote a mission driven mindset. Enjoy achieving individual and collective goals.

About Darryle Brown

Darryle serves as a human resources specialist for the Denver Mint. In this position, he is responsible for managing human resource functions for the organization's Mint employees at all levels. He is a consultant with nearly 25 years of experience in diverse disciplines including: success coaching, public affairs, leadership and law enforcement.

Darryle is an award winning public speaker and consultant nationwide for his levels of expertise. He has a Master's degree in Business Administration and serves as the Program Quality Director for Toastmasters International District 26, a leadership and communications development organization which oversees 160 toastmasters clubs in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska.

One Big Day Bruce Grierson

If you've ever felt like the days are running through your fingers, without all that much getting up on the scoreboard, Bruce Grierson understands. That's his story too. 

During this talk, the author of What Makes Olga Run? shares a great idea, the possible solution — a radical social experiment! Today, you are invited to join in the beta-testing of One Great Day becoming a meme, a movement, a viral phenomenon. Or at least a cool thing to try with your one wild and precious life.


Think deeply about how you spend your time and what you prioritize.

Feel inspired to try One Big Day for yourself, and monitor the difference it makes to your happiness and productivity.

About Bruce Grierson

Bruce Grierson is a social scientist, magazine writer, author, and inspirational speaker who is based in North Vancouver.

Bruce Grierson is a five-time Canadian National Magazine Award-winning feature writer whose work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Popular Science, Eighteen Bridges, The Walrus, Psychology Today, Time Magazine, Scientific American, The Guardian, and elsewhere. He is the author of U-Turn, co-author (with Kalle Lasn) of Culture Jam, and author most recently of What Makes Olga Run? The book was chosen by the Wall Street Journal as one of the top 10 health science books of 2015.

In addition to his recent Keynote for the Science of Optimal Aging Conference, Bruce has guest lectured to the Journalism Departments of Capilano University, UBC, Douglas College, and Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

Bruce is married with two girls.

The Power of Saying Yes Vanessa Woznow

Improvisation is the key to unlocking public speaking greatness.

By participating in fun and creative games, you can gain confidence in unstructured speaking situations and bolster your presentation creativity, approachability, and authenticity. (Plus, you are likely to laugh. A lot!)


  • Increase your confidence in unstructured speaking situations.
  • Develop your ability to respond to other people within a scene, organically and off-the-cuff.
  • Increase your comfort around creative risk-taking within group presentations.

About Vanessa Woznow

Vanessa Woznow is a writer, runner, Big Sister, improviser, and radio host from New Westminster, BC. She has been teaching improvisation to high school students for the last ten years, and believes that the rules of improv are the keys to success in all areas of life: support others, believe in yourself, listen and say yes.

Vanessa has a BFA in Creative Writing and an MA in Political Science, both from UBC. She has lived in England and Russia, thrown out the opening pitch at a Vancouver Canadians Game, performed at the Vancouver Comedy Festival, and spoken to 10,000 people outside of the Vancouver Art Gallery. (The scariest thing was the pitch!)

She once wrote an award-winning romantic comedy play about Leon Trotsky. PLUS Vanessa is a competitive long-distance runner, because she believes that everyone needs some pain in their lives.

Using Story in Leadership Bryson Sask and Janet Law

There’s always a story to be told.

Whether you’re speaking about your company and pitching your services, or influencing change and action, a story is what leaders use to connect their audience to their message.

Storytelling doesn’t just captivate children at bedtime, stories captivate the imagination of the toughest CEOs and can get them to buy-in to your ideas.


Lean how every leader can use stories throughout their career to engage audiences, inspire change, and create action

About Bryson Sask

Bryson Sask was a shy and quiet person. It happened two months after high school graduation when his father said, “You're going to Toastmasters!”.

Although he thought he was having a heart attack on the day of his first speech, that epic decision lead to 15 years of personal growth and speaking experience earning his Advanced Communication Gold designation.

For the past three years Bryson has continued his growth as a presenter with Transforming Speakers and certified as a facilitator for Tourism BC's World Host customer service program.

Bryson works for Key Innovations where he helps organizations build their brand relationships.

In his leisure time Bryson enjoys an action-packed lifestyle of skiing, hiking, kickboxing, and biking - to name a few.

About Janet Law

Janet was a graduate of Presentation House Theatre School in Vancouver studying for three years under the renowned Anthony Holland. She was one of the founding members of "Toastmasters of Today" in Vancouver and is currently enrolled in "Transforming Speakers" a professional speaking program.

She educates, inspires, motivates and empowers from the heart. She produces and hosts a weekly television show on DCTV entitled “Spotlight”. The show features talented and creative artists in a weekly variety/ interview format.

Janet was diagnosed with aggressive HER 2 Nue Breast Cancer in 2001. She accepted the diagnosis but not the prognosis. She brought the body back into harmony, with phenomenal medical intervention, love and a spirit of hope. She is living proof that cancer can be healed.

Janet is a possibility thinker and you will appreciate her spirit of fun, enthusiasm, empowerment and service.

Small Steps Big Life: Overcoming Overwhelm Nathen Aswell

Toastmasters often have busier lives than most people... addition to being leaders in your families and businesses, you are actively developing your public speaking skills one Toastmaster meeting at a time.

In this session, you'll learn 3 important practices that you can use to reduce stress and help avoid the burnout that results from feeling overwhelmed - so that you can Sparkle Brighter Than Ever Before!


  • Learn a practice that will dramatically increase your productivity.
  • Learn a practice that will keep you happy and healthy and operating at your best throughout the day.
  • Learn a practice that will improve your ability to “tune in” to the best action to take in a challenging situation.

About Nathen Aswell

As a professional speaker, Nathen’s “Small Steps Big Life” educational program provides simple, enjoyable and memorable practices that participants can apply right away to overcome feeling overwhelmed.

As a host, Nathen’s “Small Steps Big Life” video podcast series invites experts in the fields of business, music, and personal development to share the Small Steps that they’ve taken on the pathway to living THEIR Big Lives.

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